Growing Up and Showing Up

As we grow up and start to go through adulthood some events in our lives prompt us to show up in a way that lets others know we have become a huge success.  One such occasion is a high-school reunion, especially at the twenty year mark where we get to see how much everyone changed […]

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The Final XTerra

Have you ever seen a car that just looks like it would be fun to drive?  It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes there is a car that screams that it is packed with sporty, fun-loving, good times.  Most of us pick up this essence from the tiny little sports cars with the drop top or […]

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One Tough Truck: Toyota’s Tacoma

For a glorious vista, Tacoma Washington is the place to be.  With glorious views of Mt. Rainier and the Puget Sound surrounding the city, it’s a photo opportunity waiting to happen.  For a rugged, rough, and tumble truck, the Toyota Tacoma is what you want to drive.  Backed by a fantastic reputation from Toyota, the […]

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