The New M2; More Explanation

BMW has been able to capture our hearts with some of the best luxury sport machines on the planet for many years.  Their newest offering is the M2 which is an all-new model that is to replace the once highly lauded M1.  If you have loved the pictures and look you have seen of the […]

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Tech for Less

No matter what car you choose to drive anymore you want to have some cool features.  Whether it’s as simple as having power windows and mirrors or as advanced as some of the nearly autonomous features on vehicles we have now, the more tech you have the more you can brag.  Even though horsepower still […]

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It’s Time for a Road Trip

Cars that are made for the open road make a distinctly American feel to them, even those that are designed and built in Europe.  With two oceans as our shoreline many Americans talk about and take road trips each year in order to go forth and see what this amazing country has to offer.  A […]

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