A little BMW performance history

BMW has always been a car company that offers athletic vehicles for us to admire.  Over the years this company has been well-known for some of the most respected performance vehicles on the road and offers a great deal of fantastic vehicles that have been fun to drive.  Some may say BMW has passed its […]

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A Hopeful Look

Sometimes we have to look to the products that are unveiled and offered in other countries to see what vehicles we might want to have here in the US.  With some companies the vehicles that are available around the world offer more of what we want, but with our strict laws it’s difficult for some […]

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What is the Right Choice?

Sometimes the choice isn’t entirely our own, but a product of our circumstances and environment.  Such is the case of buying a vehicle for many of us.  Most people in the world can’t just order up any car they choose and want to get the most for their money.  This means shopping around, looking at […]

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V10 Power Lives On

In the modern era there seems to be a transition to the less powerful engines on many models in an effort to create lower emissions and use much less of the fossil fuels still left on this planet.  Look at the direction the state of California is going; if the legislature passes there the residents […]

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