A Segment Comparison

What is the fastest-growing segment in the automotive world?  If you answered with the compact crossover SUV segment you would be 100 percent correct.  Not all of these smaller crossovers come with AWD, but for the purpose of comparison and finding out which one has the best off road ability six have been chosen to […]

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Ford Takes it to the Max

When compared to how long Ford cars have been around, hybrid technology is fairly new.  While Ford has been manufacturing some of its customers favorite models in hybrid versions, no one would could claim that Ford is leading the pack when it comes to hybrid technology.  For most people, hybrid means better gas mileage, but […]

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Numbers that Don’t Add Up

When you take simple math in the auto industry, and apply it to the principle of the dollars spent and received, divided by the number of cars sold, you can certainly come up with some interesting stories.  Just like any manufacturing company what car companies don’t tell you is just as or more important than […]

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